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Thread: Earbud Tangling

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    Earbud Tangling
    A simple question,

    How do you stop your ear buds from tangling up when you put your ipod and headphone buds in your pocket? this is a problem i get all the time.

    I have read This method which looks good but a bit time consuming when all you want to do is bung it in your pocket.

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    I leave the ear buds plugged in and wrap them around my iPod.

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    I usually just run them around my hand and put the them in my pocket, not the neatest way, but they stay untangled for the most part. Thankfully, Apple makes them out of a good quality plastic that doesn't have much memory when you do that, so they aren't all "wrinkly" when I pull them back out.

    The way mentioned in the link sounds like a nice, advanced method to what I do and I think I'll try that way. As it says, if you don't finish it up real tight, it's easy to pull apart. If you're looking for something easier than that, you're just being lazy.
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