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    Multiple iPods on one PC?
    My daughter lives in Boston, visits a couple of times a month, has her iTunes stored on my wife's PC. So she has her playlists and all that.

    I just bought the wife a new iTouch (incredible device) and to do a quick setup, we loaded some of our daughter's music and some of my wife's pictures onto the iTouch.

    Now the question I have (and I'm relatively new to iTunes/iPods/etc.) is whether my wife needs to have a separate installation of iTunes to keep her music library and playlists separate from the prodigal daughter's?

    A friend casually mentioned looking into soemthing called "copypod" but I don't know if that program solves any problems... or whether I even have a problem brewing. Can iTunes discriminate between the Nono and the iTouch when they are connected and know whose library/playlists to jump to?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I'm no expert but we have 3 ipods using one computer and all we do is change the sync setting to manual and just load the items we want. For instance for music we each made our own file and put our own music in the file. Than when we sync each person just selects their file in the music section. Same thing with videos,photos and etc. Probably an easier way but this works for us. ..
    I do have a question for the experts. I bought games from itunes. Can my daughter load them on her ipod which is the same as mine? She syncs to the same computer?
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    drgrafix--Macgirl34 is right. The easiest way to do it is plug either ipod into the computer, click the name of the ipod when it shows up in itunes, and under (i think) the music tab, there should be a setting that will allow you to choose which playlists to upload. Just make sure you create playlists (file->new playlist) that contains the music you want on that ipod.

    macgirl34--you should be able to sync the games too since your daughter syncs to the same computer. plug her ipod in and check her settings to see if they allow it.

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    My Household has 12 ipods, which all have different music, and they have all different music - we just manually choose which playlists and podcasts ect.

    The games are on about six of them, so its no problem really.

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    As you have seen above, there is no issue with one computer, multiple iPods. Essentially, manage each iPod separately by having it sync to its own "playlist". I do this myself, creating different Smart Playlists (to make construction of the list easy) per iPod (I manage three devices, a 1st gen Nano, a 5th gen 30 GB Video, and an iPhone).

    However, I am working from one set of music, and just divvying it up amongst the different devices as I see fit. All of what has been suggested above works on the same premise. Your music and that of the "prodigal daughter" are all jammed together into one iTunes library. If you ever want to break this apart at a later time (say she gets her own computer and wants to move her music permanently to her computer and off yours) this could be a pain.

    So, what you may want in addition to the above "one PC, one iTunes library, multiple iPods" approach is "multiple iTunes Libraries" as well. In this approach, you keep your daughter's music in her iTunes library and you keep your music in your iTunes library. This makes things really simple.

    There are two major ways to do this.

    1/ If you are on a Mac, you can create a user account for each of your daughter and yourselves. Each account gets its own iTunes library. Keep your music separated into the correct user account and all is well. I suspect that the same approach will work for Win XP and Win Vista, since both support multiple users on one PC.

    2/ iTunes 7.x (the current version) supports multiple libraries on the same user id. See this web page for details.

    Pick whichever approach makes the most sense to you and enjoy!
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