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    Touch: Video in iTunes-won't transfer to iPod
    so i downloaded a movie from the internet, and i got it into my itunes video library, and it plays just fine in iTunes. However, when i plug in my ipod touch, that video doesn't sync. Everything else syncs, but just this one video won't go. I've already played around with my video settings but that didnt work, and i can't seem to find a free video ipod converter software out there for mac. I'm not sure if the video is in ipod format, its an mpg file and looks about the right size, but im not sure. Can anyone help?
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    You have to download software like senuti (for Mac) to move stuff to your ipod. I think.

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    I had a similar problem. I had a few videos I converted for my iPod/iPhone. They would transfer over to the iPod fine, but not the iPhone. It turned out that I had unchecked the video in my library so that when I connected the phone, it would "only sync checked items". I thought this applied to the iPhone interface window that opens when the iPhone is connected, but it turns out you need to have it checked in that window and your library, so you may want to check that.


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