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    Ipod nano all messed up! Is it just too old?
    Last night I let my friend charge her first generation white ipod nano on my Macbook, because she had lost her charger and the ipod battery was about to die. She got this ipod from one of her friends when they upgraded to a new pink nano last year, and this ipod is several years old - lots of dents, scratches, looks like it had been handled roughly. It has a lot of things wrong with it, such as not showing all the songs that it really has (While in Itunes, all of the songs show up). Also, When used only for a little bit after being charged fully, the battery dies out quickly (Is the battery done for?). So last night, she was charging her ipod on my Mac, and deleting some songs she didn't want . I took the USB connected to the ipod out when she was done, and later she went to listen to her ipod and found that ALL of her music was gone! We don't know what to blame it on. She thinks I messed it up accidentally, But I am pretty sure it is either the fact I ejected it wrong, or maybe the ipod is just too old and dinged up. What do you guys think?
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    there is no way to tell really...

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    Did you have your itunes set up to sync with the iPod?

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    Sounds like its time for a new Nano!

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