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    Unhappy Ipod after powerbook wakes from sleep
    I currently have the 4G iPod 40 Gig, not enabled from disk use. Once I plug my Ipod into the dock, iTunes attempts to sync and after it's done, my iPod's screen goes to the "main menu," thus allowing me to remove the iPod at any time. Everything works. However, when I put my computer to sleep, say by closing the lid, when I wake it up, my iPod's screen changes to "Do Not Disconnect." And even if I use iTunes 4.6 to eject the iPod, the iPod icon in iTunes dissapears but my iPod still says that I cannot eject. However, if I do enable disk use, then the problem kind of goes away since then I can simply drag the iPod disk icon from my desktop to the trash. However, by mounting the iPod onto my computer, it slows it down a bit - for example, everytime I delete some file, even if it's not from the iPod, the iPod's HD will spin up before my computer goes ahead with the deletion.

    Does anyone know what's going on here? Is this related to the "power" issue where if the iPod's HD is not spinning, when the powerbook wakes up, it won't see it? I need your help!! Thank's for reading this on a weekend.

    Update 1--> If I remove the iPod from the dock while it displays the "Do Not Remove" after waking my computer from sleep, the screen on the iPod immediately changes to "Charged" as a header with nothing else. And if I press 'menu', the screen goes back to the home screen, as if nothing was wrong. Could this be some screen refresh problem?

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    i think something is wrong with the pod, heard a few problems with new ipod.
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    I don't know. I think I remember having that problem when I first got my 3rd gen iPod. But after like to times, I put it in disk mode, and I like it better that way problems really.

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    My 3G 15GB does that to, like on my old windows XP computer, iPod will re sinq it self after coming out of sleep. iTunes it just checking if you have any new songs to add to iPod. If this problem gets any weres just go to your local Apple store or contact Apple support.

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    it doesn't sound like a big problem. Your iPod isn't supposed to function when it's connected to the computer. I really don't think it's a really big deal to wait on the phone for an hour about.

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