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    FM Transmitter
    Can anyone suggest a good FM Transmitter that I can use with my Ipod Touch. I saw a bunch of them at the apple store but im not sure which one is reliable.

    Thanks for the help.

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    The iTrip will probably work fine.
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    I like the kensington ones. They make them that plug into the bottom of the ipod and charge it, and they make ones that plug into the headphone adapter.

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    iTrip works fine, I have it on mine. I also use the tuneflex AUX from griffin to charge the ipod touch, and the pass through connection allows the itrip to be used at the same time.
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    well for me it sucked....both. i guess living in Miami and having all this radio stations dont really mix good with this thing.. to much static...i ended u buying the cable, digital sound, and no loss of quality

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    Live in a city where there are no channels without someone broadcasting on it. I primarily listen to audiobooks so any static is noticeable.

    Have the Griffin one myself. It works fine and will override the over the air signal by selecting one of the really weak stations. The drawback is the adjustable arm the ipod sits in. Really depends on where your outlet is located in the vehicle. It's location is OK in my truck, but bites in the car. You will not want to have the arm set out to the side supporting the weight of the ipod, or when you go over bumps, it will move and end up turning itself off.

    If had to do it over again, would go with a style similar to the Kensington to alleviate this problem. Would also be able to then hold it in your hand instead of having to reach under the steering wheel or around the shifter and away from the road.

    And naturally, if you have an aux input, that is the way to go instead of a transmitter.
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