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Thread: scratch removal?

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    scratch removal?
    M'kay, so my 4th generation ipod has had to survive without a case for maybe three weeks now, most because Apple didn't have a case that I liked.
    For this very reason, my precious ipod got fairly scratched up...but none of the scratches are real deep.

    So I noticed there are 'scratch removal' products on just about every ipod site ever, so I am wondering if that works or if it is a waste of my money.

    Thanks, 'yall!

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    don't trust that crap you see on the internet.


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    Use brasso, it works really well. Just a note, make sure you don't oversoak the cottonball when doing the plastic side, if you do the plastic may go very slightly matte. The best trick is to rub it for about 5-10 mins on the plastic side with the same cottonball and dip of brasso. The metal part takes a lot longer to remove scratches from with brasso, so if you were in a hurry I'd reccomend autosol. That has very fine spherical abrasive particles in it, and it also works really well. I've got one deep scratch which i couldn't get rid off, but the brasso/autosol combo made my iPod look like new! (I had quite a few scratches too, I think most of the cases are ugly/bulky

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    Put these on where you are done. ( Pod Shields ) they keep my baby scratch free.

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    just make a skin of your a laminating plastic and make a template, cut then apply, it will only cost you $7 plus 15min of work.

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    You can even download a template (do a search for diy ipod case) and use that as a rough guide...

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    USE i cleaner its the best stuff i used it on my 4g and it works beautiful , looks brand new, its only 17 bucks but sooo worth it

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