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    Unhappy Touch: Video playlists?
    I can't seem to find any mention of them. On my ipod video, I used video playlists to organize shows like Red vs Blue. I'd have a video playlist named 'Red vs Blue' and in it files like '01 Why are we here.mp4'. On the touch, I can't figure out how to use video playlists, and since I used that numerical ordering system for all my shows, episode 1 of EVERY show is listed, then episode 2, on and on.

    My question is, does the touch even do video playlists, and if so, how do I get them set up? I'd rather not have to go in and add 'RvB' in front of all 103 episodes, then little codes for all my other shows in front of all their episodes. Time consuming.

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    I've done googling and found that video playlists do not sync on the touch for some reason, people are hoping apple will pick up on this and fix it with thier next firmware update. However I have tried something and it does work, its a bit tedious:

    you'll need to change the tags on each of your RVB vids to type "tv show" this is done by

    1. right clicking on an individual file while its on itunes and going to the third tab labelled "video"
    2. Select TV show from the drop down menu, and then assign the episode number, season, name etc. in the text boxes in the same tab.
    3. click on next at the bottom right to go to the next video and do the same
    4. repeat till all videos are changed and click on OK

    it may take a while to update the tags, but once its done when u go to videos on your touch u should see that all of the videos of RVB will be grouped under one subfolder that opens up to give you all the episodes you've added.

    Hope this helps!

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