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    songs and all listed under moview- movies won't play
    I have several movies as well as tons of songs on my ipod. When I turned it on today, I went to movies and noticed that everything on my ipod is now listed under movies. When I actually click on a real movie, it doesn't play the movie but seems to think it is a song as it just displays a tiny 'album' cover on the left hand side with the name next to it. I'm not sure what caused this to happen. I did just have my macbook hd replaced with 10.3 reinstalled. I plugged in my ipod today to charge and am not sure if the version of 10.3 reset my ipod or not but need to get it fixed.

    Any suggestions?


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    That sure is odd behaviour for an iPod!

    Try connecting it to your Mac and in the iTunes library window do a "Get Info" on one of your songs and one of your movies ....

    Check that the song has the correct Info window and that the movie also has the correct Info window .... I've attached a pic of a Movie Info Window and make sure the proper catagory is showing in the "Video Kind" pull-down menu ...

    I'm wondering if the songs will show the Movie info window but I doubt it somehow ... it sounds like some sort of corruption ...

    Anyhow, you can try selecting all your movies and doing a mass "Get Info" and then setting the Video Kind to Movies again but I'm not sure about the songs though .... also you should try to play the movie from iTunes to see if it still just shows the art instead of playing the movie like it should ...

    Here's an Apple link re: troubleshooting iPods, it may well just need a simple reset but it's hard to say .... I'd make sure you have a back up of all the stuff on the iPod just in case .... you can use something like Senuti to transfer the stuff to your Mac.
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