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Thread: Ipod in vista

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    Ipod in vista
    Hi Guys

    Started using vista as well as my Mac but i was wondering if anyone has got any good recomendations for software to convert video to ipod as good as what Handbrake does on the mac. The windows version of handbrake is pants and i cant get it to work in vista.
    There is loads of software out there but what i want is something that does it at 640 by 480 in H264.

    Hope you can help

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    When I was using my Vista machine, I used DVD Decrypter and then Videora iPod Converter. Both are free and work great. It was a bit of a pain as it was a two-step process, but the decrypting took about 20 minutes for a two hours movie, and the converter took about an hour and a half, so I would just set it up before I went to bed. There are also some great step-by-step tutorials out there on how to use these programs together. Hope that helps!


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