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Thread: Album art from iPod to iTunes

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    Album art from iPod to iTunes
    I have just performed a clean install of Mac OS X Tiger. When making backups of old stuff before this, I forgot to backup album art. In other words, when I copy my music files from my backup hd to my iBook, album art is not included and must be searched for and found all over again. As you all know, iTunes doesn't find everything, and also some album art is wrong.

    Before my clean install, I had fixed all of this. My album art was perfect, I am not keen on doing everything all over again. And, as I said, by just copying the music files, album art needs to be fixed from scratch.

    However, my iPod was updated before I made the clean install. On my iPod, all of the artwork is up to date and correct, as I fixed it before the formating and reinstalling.

    So the question is: How can I transfer the ALBUM ART INFO from my iPod to iTunes?

    I have tried several programs so far. They all transfer the music files, but none of them are capable of transferring the album art...

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    When you connect your iPod it will ask if you want to transfer purchased items, I would say hit yes and see if it does not transfer the album art with your songs. If you didn't get your songs from iTunes, then try senuTi, and see if that takes the album art with the files when they save them on your computer.

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