When i bought my iPod, the salesrep said to get the inCase. i got the iPod and inCase two days before i went on vacation. I bring it on my 3 week trip and a week later, i notice that the iPod has a huge cloud on the screen. I thought it had to be the case. I tried lots of stuff to get it off like toothpaste and fantastic but none worked. i kept it out of the case until i got to a store when i got home. The first store i brought it to (Garden City, NY - Roosevelt Field Apple Store), on the weekend, they said that they couldn't do a thing about it. i told them it could be a class action lawsuit and they kicked me out of the store after i said that. I then brought it to the Town Center Apple Store (Boca Raton, FL) and they told me what happened. Heat reacted to the soft plastic on the case and it melted onto the iPod (probably from keeping it in my pocket). They replaced the month-old case for me and sold me the iSleeve, and only made me pay the difference (which stinks because the case ruined my iPod). But they said they couldn't do anything about the iPod because apple products didn't destroy it.

I wrote to Steve Jobbs and his office called me after getting my letter and said that they couldn't do anything about it.

anyone else have this problem?