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    Itunes preference...
    Is there anyway to set iTunes to re-encode Mp3s going onto my iPod ONLY when going on my iPod?

    What i mean is, when listening to my music on the go, I dont need the quality as high as i have it when listening at home. I think it would be very cool that a setting could be enabled allowing me to, when dragging music into my iPod, it re-encode to a different bit-rate.

    Now i know one soloution is to re-encode my entire library and then make a playlist, but that seems a lot of hassle (not to mention taking up twice the space?)

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    Only thing I can think of is to open up a 2nd instance of the iTunes library, and add the content you want re-encoded, set the encoding to how you want them to be and then download them to the iPod and scrap that playlist from the newly created iTunes Library. You can also set the default Importing bitrate how you want ... Wouldn't take that long ...

    Press and hold Option as you launch iTunes to bring up the "Do you want to create a new iTunes Library?" dialogue box ...

    So you'd have 2 iTunes Libraries, one with the bitrate set higher in Importing Prefs and the other just for putting lesser encoded stuff on the iPod.

    Whaddya think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenderSurrender View Post
    Is there anyway to set iTunes to re-encode Mp3s going onto my iPod ONLY when going on my iPod?
    If you have the shuffle, there is an option to automatically transcode any higher bitrate music to 128kbps AAC just to be transferred to the shuffle. Unfortunately the feature only works on the iPod shuffle.

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    Well there are a few bugs with my idea ^ but I'm working on it ....

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