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    ipod not syncing certain artists..?
    Every once in a while my ipod won't sync a certain artist. Is there a limit on how many songs can be under one artist? I have one catagory that I put all the 'top 40' singles and random songs under (50+) and sometimes under that artist on the ipod only one or a few songs will show up HOWEVER the songs are there and I can find them under 'songs' and 'albums' but again they dont show under the 'artist' i designated. Why is this?

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    Are you sure your id3 data is correct on those songs? It sounds to me like you're missing the artist id3 tag.
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    forgot to mention this happens at different times. It used to be correct then one day only displayed a few songs under the artist and went back to normal the next time i sync'd it up. So normally its correct but every once in a while it wont display all the songs under the specific artist even after i resync it

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    I have a 1st Gen iPod and it does the same thing. What gen is yours???

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