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Thread: Mini or iPod?

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    Mini or iPod?
    I was wondering if I could get some advice about getting either an iPod mini or an iPod (4th generation) 20GB. I would preferably like opinions from people who have both, but any advice is advice. Basically, when you carry around your regular iPod, does the bulkiness get to you much worse than carrying around the mini? I guess there would be a real difference, but since I have never owned a mini, I wouldn't know. I did have the original 10 GB iPod a while back, but I sold it and bought a Tapwave Zodiac instead. Now I need something for music again since I mostly only put ideo on my Zodiac. I do excercise often and the mini would be useful for that as well, but is the regular iPod also not a hassle while working out? I never did take the iPod to the gym when I had it, but I plan to with my next. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Well it depends on how many songs you want to put on it. The mini is definitely better for the gym but I bring my 15g to the gym all the time and it works fine. I have about 2000 songs so i prefer the normal ipod but if you have under 1000 songs the mini is probably the better choice.
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    again, if you don't NEED to have its "tinyness" or its "pretty colors" I'd go with the reg. 20 GB iPod...

    I mean.....50 dollar difference....5 times more storage.

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