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    podcast question
    I've been downloading a lot of podcasts lately and i have a few questions. When I subscribe to a podcast, I don't automatically download all the casts right? Just the ones I select and have a check next to them. SO in the picture below. The grayed out ones have not been downloaded. Am I o the right track?

    One more question. If you look at the pic below I have downloaded episodes of the mac show. The tv icon is represented on the info line, so I assume that these are video pod casts. The weird thing is I can't find the I'm my ipod, not under video or podcasts.

    Under settings I have sync all selected podcasts, and I have those casts selected. They still don't seem to come up.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    By domromer

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    You're right, the grayed out ones have not yet been downloaded. You can set preferences to download the latest or all unheard etc.

    The second question, I searched the forums and there is a chance that the video podcast is in fact for Apple TV. Though I could be wrong but that would explain why they don't show on the ipod.

    And the question you wanted to ask, but may have been afraid to, yes you can go to my site ( and subscribe to mine.

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    Some video podcasts don't show up on my Nano, and I'm guessing it's not made for the iPod.

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