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    Nice one schweb. Those "Free ipod" posts are seriously annoying .

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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    Just as a warning....the next time I see one of these "free iPod" spam posts, that person will automatically be permanently banned. Read the forum rules if you have any questions, paying close attention to bullet number two...

    Consider this your warning!

    Oh and before you say it....yes....I'm mean and evil :mad:
    I have been lurking here for a while and this particular thread made me want to post.
    So here goes.

    This "deal" has been around for a long time whether it be a "free" laptop or Ipod or some sort of flat screen TV.
    People claim that they do "work" as in you get something for free.
    It however is usally a unconsented bill to your credit card for something you didnt purchase that you get, not the item promised.
    So people regardless of what you hear these are a bad bad idea and do not give these people any of your information!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerBookG4 View Post
    although i do not like the ipod spam i think permently banning somebody for that is a little harsh, maybe banning them for like a month or so? and if they do it again banning them for 2 months, and on the third time bann them forever? because you can't just do that, it probually isn't legal since it is not in the rules, they shouldn't give mods that kind of power any way to completly bann someone from using the service.
    What was I thinking back then, now i know better.

    why was this thread dug up in the first place?
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    if those people don't want to follow the simple rules, ban them forever.. we do not need that junk here. I see enough of that "free" crap in my junk email folder.

    I was on the M-F honor roll for month : May 2007

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    ..about time they moved onto free iphone ads...just kiddin schweb!

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    I never noticed this sticky before. The free ipod spamming? It must have been before my time.

    What caught my attention was the number of banned users that you can find in the first page or two of this discussion

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    Yeah, one was banned for basically being a troll, the other for persistant bad language, one for growing too big for his own boots, demanding things and one is graphite who left more or less by mutual agreement.

    It's an old thread mind you....

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    Yeah,i think that it has improved MF.

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    would any of you guys know how to fix a suoer haged ipod nano 4gb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jj213 View Post
    would any of you guys know how to fix a suoer haged ipod nano 4gb?
    Make a new thread about this and it will get a lot more attention than just posting it here.

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    Free iPod? WANT. lol.

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    Similar to the "Free iPod" posts, there is another type of spam post to be mindful of, and they pop up here from time to time.
    At first glance, they don't appear to be spam, but when you start to recognize the tell-tale signs you can spot them easily.

    The posts I am speaking of are the lengthy "how-to" posts.
    At first they seem like someone took a lot of time to write up a very thorough step-by-step guide on how to do something like convert a video file.
    The post has lots of pictures and easy to follow directions.
    It advises you that the process can be completed using nothing but freeware apps.
    The OP usually comes back to say something like he will update it if necessary and thanks those who reply for the kind comments about what a great post it was.

    Well, sad to say, the vast majority of these threads are spam... and here's why:

    +The post is usually the very first (if not the only) post the OP will ever make on the forum
    +The wonderful and helpful images that accompany the post are hot-linked images.
    +And the biggest tell is this... while the guide touts that it can all be achieved by using freeware apps, there is always a line in the middle of the post that says something like, "If you find it difficult to use the freeware or if it doesn't quite work out right, then try the software found here (insert link)"

    That link goes directly to a purchase page for some easy to use, one click software suite that only costs $29.95!
    That link is the spam... cleverly disguised as a helpful how-to guide.

    So, let's review. If you spot a beautifully executed "how-to" guide that has:

    - lots of helpful screenshots and images (hot-linked)
    - an OP with a very low post count (usually less than 5 posts and joined less than a month ago)
    - and contains a link to a paid software suite/package/application

    then report the post ASAP.

    There is a rare chance that it isn't spam, but report it anyway.
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