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    Sync 2 computers' iTunes libraries. Will it work?
    I have a large music collection, and I want to sync it with my Macbook and PC.

    Here is my plan:

    Right now I have the same library on each computer. While this isn't a big deal on my PC (400GB HDD), this is an issue on my Macbook (80GB, and filling up fast). I also have a 500GB MY BOOK external drive that is connected to my network via an Airport Extreme router (NAS). I plan on copying all my music/media etc. files to one folder on the network drive. Then, I plan on deleting everything on the 2 computers. Next, I am going to set up each iTunes library so that the files are added from the network drive WITHOUT copying to the iTunes folder on each computer.

    I think this will work, and both computers should have the exact same library.

    I have one question though - can I set up iTunes so that the libraries will automatically update themselves when I add a new song to the networked folder?

    Will this all work?


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    on a mac if you set the itunes music folder to the networked folder it will work. but it wont a pc unless you get sum kinda of script or something not sure on that front,but on the mac yes.

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