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    I got my new iPod Nano today. Very pleased with it. Only thing is that Coverflow is arranging music by artists instead of albums, so you're getting album artwork appearing like 15 times if the album is a compilation album.

    Any way to change this so its like the Coverflow in iTunes, where its arranged by album?
    - Verted

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    If you put the same 'album artist' into the compilation album tracks, do they get grouped in coverflow then? Haven't tested it, just thought maybe coverflow will sort by album artist first if they're tagged that way.

    EDIT: My iPhone doesn't have this problem, but I believe it handles this properly while the new nanos and classics don't. Might have to be a firmware fix?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verted View Post
    Any way to change this so its like the Coverflow in iTunes, where its arranged by album?
    Nope. Using the album artist tag doesn't make any difference. Hopefully it will be added in the next firmware update. All Apple needs to do is to allow sorting by album in cover flow, that's it.

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