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    ipod classic output to tv.
    Ok, i just got an ipod classic, and i have a AV cable but these new ones block out outputing to the tv so you have to use the port on the bottum of the ipod and buy their stupid cable which costs 50 bucks for some reason. So basically my question is, is there any way to get around this and just use hte av cable i currently have....second is there a cable that is an alternative to what apple is selling for alot cheaper then apples?

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    That's what I was wondering for my iPhone as well...this is the 2nd thing that's ****** me off about my iPhone, the first being the headphone jack that's tiny for no reason, so you have to buy their headphones. I guess I should count the fact that after 2 replacements I still don't have a perfect one too...

    But to answer your question, for now I think there's only the expensive apple cable...

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