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SurfWax88 09-28-2007 06:12 PM

Next Generation iPod Touch.
Now that the iPod Touch is out and selling well, judging by how Apple rolls out their products, how long does everyone think until a newer version will come out? The new features are nice, but for most of us with over 16gigs of music and video, I dont want to have to start picking and choosing what I want on our iPods when we are all so used to being able to just dump our whole collection of music and videos and not think twice. Yeah you might not need your whole collection at a time, but as soon as you start having to pick and choose is when your gonna start looking for songs that you had to leave at home, and that would be a bummer. Also, this iPod touch has the same metal casing as previous iPods and not the new brushed aluminum as the new iPod 'Classic', leaving them more easily scratched. Hopefully they will switch over to the new aluminum next generation. So when do you all speculate? Spring at the earliest (I hope).

Kash 09-28-2007 06:33 PM

Usually product lines are updated between a year and 18 months. But then again, Apple has been mixing things up lately, with a delayed OS revision, announcing the iPhone but not releasing it for six months, and of course, the massive price cut just two months after the iPhone's release.

So could the touch be updated this time next year? Who knows ;P

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