I'm thinking of buying a iPod classic 160Gb to use as a backup drive for all my music and digital photos. Currently I have about 90Gb of music and 25Gb of photos, so I'd be using up most of the iPod. My idea would be to sync this up as a backup drive, not using it on a regular basis as an iPod. I have a 16Gb touch which I use daily as my player, and it has plenty of music on it to keep me going.

I would, however, like to take my whole collection away with me when I'm, for example, going away on a two week holiday. That is the reason for using an iPod rather than an external drive.

Is this a viable option? Can I set the classic to store the full size version of my photos? I know I can use programs like senuti to get the music back off the iPod should I need to perform a data recovery, but does it do the same for my full size photos?

What does everyone think? Is this sensible?