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    bought 3G iPod in NYC, 4G announced the day I go home
    On a recent trip to New York City, I bought a 20GB 3G iPod from the Apple store on 16th July. Then on the 19th, I see on the news they have released the 4th generation, but I have to get the plane back to England so I dont have a chance to go and get it exchanged at the Apple store!

    If I take the receipt and everything to the Apple store in England, do you think they will change it, seeing as though it was bought in Apple store, just in another country!

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    maybe you can do that................but let me tell you something man......just as an advise..................the same thing happened to me, i bought a 3g 15 gb iPod two and a half weeks ago at compusa - Miami florida, i didn't know apple was going to release the 4th gen ipod so soon, so i bought my little cute friend......and travelled back to my home country (Dominican Republic) we don't have apple stores so i couldn't use the 14 day return policy and get the new one.............but honestly i don't know if it was fate....or what it was, but after i saw the 4g i fell MORE in love with my 3g, it's something about the design of the 3g that i like WAY much better than the 4g.............of course, i'd love the 12 hour battery, life and the slickness of the 4g.........but that's the only thing that i'd exchange it for.... a case you cannot return it..........just be happy and learn to love/use your little white friend...hehehe............remember there are a LOT of people with 2gen ipods and love it! not always we need the LATEST's just based on our personal needs

    so enjoy it no matter what happens and thank good you had the money to buy (at least a 3g) cuz there are alot of people dying of hunger every minute in the world

    just a little life advise

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    Hehe thanks for the advice! and I actually agree with you, I'm kind of glad i bought the 3G, because in some ways I think the 3G looks way better than the 4G! I just wondered if there was the option to exchange now, because I remember I thought my 2G was a lot nicer than the 3G when they released that, but now I really love the 3G!

    Whatever, your right, at least I have one!

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    same thing, 1 month later, HELLO 4g. that stinks on ice that u can't upgrade.

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