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    2 iPods in iTunes at once...
    I got a new 160GB Classic and I want to transfer everything over from my 60GB Video.
    Problem is... if I attach both to my MacBook Pro, only ONE will show up in iTunes... actually, it doesn't recognize the other one at all (not even has a HD). Or am I going to have to put it all on an external to do the transfer? This seems strange, I swear you could connect more than one iPod before!!!

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    There is something wrong with the iPod or iTunes if it doesn't show up at all. Since it doesn't show up as a HDD, it is likely not in Disc mode.

    Using the directions provided here:

    With the iPod plugged into your Mac, do a Hard Reset and then put it in Disc Mode.

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    Apr 06, 2007
    It still will only let me do that with one at a time... any ideas why?

    P.S. My 60GB is still Windows formatted, I think that may be relevant =/

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    UGH I plugged both into my PC and I can do both... but I don't want my iPods to be Windows formatted.
    What the...

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    windows formatted you can use it on a mac or pc

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    I have a slightly similar problem with my G4 iBook... it has two USB slots... one recognises my iPod fully, allowing me to update it properly, charging it and - importantly - to eject it safely...

    if I forget which is which and put it into the 'wrong' slot, it will charge the iPod, claims it's updating but doesn't and will not let me eject it at all, I always have to just pull the plug and then reset...

    it may be that your problem is a USB slot that does not 'see' your iPod properly...

    or not - but, hey, it's a thought
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