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Thread: Shuffle-Headphone jack issue-distorted sound. Will apple help?

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    Shuffle-Headphone jack issue-distorted sound. Will apple help?
    Hello everyone,
    So, this past couple weeks have been devastating for me and my dear Orange shuffle. First, the apple headphones went bad, the sound was louder in one ear than the other, and the speaker quality was going bad and the volume wasnt that loud. Still using them, the sound quality got worse, becoming more and more garbled, but correcting when i would turn the base of my headphones, right above the iPod, the sound would be restored to both ears after monkeying with it enough. Sorry, this is hard to explain not knowing the technical terms. But then, i switched to an extra pair of earbuds, not apple.
    This continued, and got worse. Soon, i would get nothing but garble, understandable music, no matter which way i turned the headphone jack. So, now im back to using the apple earbuds, living with the bad quality. Its better, but im still having to monkey with it to get it to work in both ears without becoming distorted. Also, sometimes when i go to charge the shuffle, i find myself having to re-seat the shuffle several times to get it to come up on my desktop.
    Looking in the headphone jack of the ipod itself, it is a little dirty, with some black dirt/dust in it. I dont know how it got there. I blow into the headphone jack, but it doesnt come off. I know its dirt, not anything else.
    I have not abused my shuffle, or done anything with the headphone jack, or anything like that. This has been used normally, on the bus, etc. Its been in my pocket, while i mow the lawn, while i walk up the dirt road, and all that. But the headphones were plugged in. Ive done all of the above with my other iPods, but nothing like this ever happened. I was nervous when they combined the headphone jack and the charge/sync dock in one, could this be the problem?
    Like i said,
    I didnt baby my shuffle. That why i bought it, durability.
    But i havent been abusing it.
    I havent had a case, ever. Why should i need one? I thought thats why the body was aluminum, or whatever its made of.
    And besides a couple tiny scratches, its held up SUPER.
    But this is making me sad.
    Ive had this since May 2nd.
    Will apple do anything? I dont have applecare or anything, but they should because i didnt abuse it, its only 4 months old!
    I love my shuffle,
    but if i have to pay to get it fixed,
    i shall have to say goodbye.
    Should i take it to apple, or continue using it until it drops dead?
    Has anyone else had this problem?


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    I would try taking it to an apple store. this worse thing they say is no.

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