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    Wife wants an iTouch...
    For the music, wireless, and for her contacts and calendar. Question I have is...are the contacts and calendar good enough for daily use? Are they the same as the calender and contacts (which we don't use...) on our iMac?

    Thanks...just looking for some guidance before plopping down the 300 bucks.

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    From what I've heard you cannot update your calender on the go, it only syncs with ical. I'm not sure about the contacts. But yes essentially it's the same as ical and contacts on your mac, just a mini version. Also don't forget the wireless is the same as a laptop wireless, it's not an iphone with cellular internet.

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    I am using calendar and contacts on my iPhone (I assume same on the Touch as well) and it is perfect for daily use... well... more than perfect... :-)

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    Contacts is roughly the same as on the iMac. The calendar is trimmed a bit. Aside from the fact you can't edit it so it's a one-way sync, there's no to-do list or multiple calendars.
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    Iphone= you can edit on the go.. Ipod touch= cant edit on the go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAZ View Post
    Iphone= you can edit on the go.. Ipod touch= cant edit on the go.
    Might want to be a bit more specific. You can't edit the calendar, but you can definitely edit the Contacts list.

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