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    So I listed my 40 gb 3G on ebay...
    and got $445 for it, full of music. The auction ended at about 9 last night. I just ordered a new 40 gig for $399 shipped (thank you Apple Education). Weee.

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    you got $445 for a used ipod?

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    congrats man!.....anyways...why did you sell it?.. was the 3g old?.........cuz i bought mine 2 weeks ago (i didn't know a 4g was about to come out) and let me tell ya..........i'm ONE HAPPY MAN!....and i ain't gonna sell'll stick to my 3g iPod, and then a 5g for then MAYBE..hehehehe.........if not a 6g!.................

    how often do they upgrade ipod?... (generation change)

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    I want a new one..but I can't really sell mine on has my name on the back, and don't mess with texas written on it...heh. Oh well. I'm sure someone would buy it. We'll see what happens after I get my job.
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