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    Aug 08, 2007
    UK Touches - Returns
    The main questions I have are:

    - Are all 36 and 37 affected?
    - Are all 38's Ok?
    - Are there any 38's in the UK at the moment?
    - Has anybody taken one back and if so what was the replacement like?

    I have a 37 which I bought on Tuesday and it has the problem, questioning whether to take it back now or wait until new batches come in. I was all set on waiting but the apple stores seem either:

    A) Totally unaware of the problem
    B) Aware but pretending they do not know for legal/PR reasons.

    If the stores are going to pretend there is no issue I'll have an easier time changing it over now and I always have the option of returning the replacement if that is rubbish too.

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    Sep 04, 2006
    I'm starting to wonder about my 37. Initially I was pleased with the screen, but looking at some of the images etc online I fear that mine may indeed be faulty. The Silence of the Lambs clip that everyone was using as a good test ( has now been removed 'for copyright reasons') Think it was Apple that reported it???

    Mine may be going back to the Glasgow apple store also ...

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    Aug 08, 2007
    Am going to return mine tonight for an exchange, unless they have sold out.

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