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Thread: Does the iPod touch not come with a bag / sleeve?!

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    Does the iPod touch not come with a bag / sleeve?!
    I have just purchase a shiny new iPod touch, and I have to say I'm delighted with it. I collected it on the way to work and now having it sitting next to me, fully synced and ready to be listened to on the way home.

    The problem I have is that it doesn't seem to be supplied with a bag or sleeve. Is this the case?? I know it's meant to be much more resistant to scratches, but I'm not happy about just sticking it in a pocket to listen to on the way home.

    Also, I appreciate that iPhone accessories will more or less fit the Touch, but since the iPhone hasn't shipped in the UK yet, there are no accessories available for it, so it's not as if I can even stop in at a shop on the way home and pick up a sleeve/bag!

    Have Apple really started cutting corners so much that they don't supply any form of protection for iPods in the standard package?

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    Nope no sleeve, luckily it fits in the one from my 5.5g pod.

    Yes Apple have continued to cut items from the pack, on my 4g 40gb pod I got a charger and a sync cable, my wifes mini also came with a charger and a clip/case, on my 5.5g pod there was no charger but there was a case and now no charger or case with the touch (Do the new classics come with the case I wonder) You do get a stand though! On the plus side the boxes are a lot smaller too.

    In all honesty I am not complaining, my 4G pod cost 300 my 5.5g 250 and now the touch only slightly more. I am lucky enough to have kept my old chargers and at least apple (unlike some companies) have not changed the connection over so they do still work.

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    I can't believe the cutbacks, but get what you mean about the increasing tech for similar / decreased cost.

    My Photo came with

    USB lead
    Firewire lead
    Wall charger
    Belt clip / case
    Soft bag

    I think by the time you add the price of these extras into the current price you'll be looking at a much larger increase. Now I have to figure out how to get my Touch home without scratching it!!

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    Do they not sell the ipod slip cases separately? If so whilst not a perfect fit, mine is doing the trick just fine. I am waiting for the transparent stick on guards, I hear that the touch has scratch resistant screen but considering the use the screen will get they are probably a good idea

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    The Touch is actually thinner and shorter than the iPhone, so don't expect the cases and sleeves to fit.

    Your best bet would be to order a case online. I know, you have to wait for it to be shipped, but it's not like you can go to your local Apple Store or reseller and pick up a case for the Touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nl74 View Post
    (Do the new classics come with the case I wonder)
    No slipcase in my Classic. Frankly, I'd prefer that they drop the crap earbuds and include something to protect these things until we can get them into a proper case. The earbuds from my 4G 40gb and my 80gb classic are still in their sealed plastic, and probably will never be opened.

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