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    Jun 04, 2007
    Why is the volume on my 2nd gen. 4 gig iPod nano so low?

    Am I missing something here? When I have the iTrip hooked up to my car, my car volume is basically all the way up, even when I listen to it on my headphones.

    Someone please help.


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    In "settings" you can adjust the overall volume of the nano. Then you can lock it. I assume that is so if you have a kid that you don't want to hurt his ears, you can set it, password protect it and give it to him knowing he can only turn it up so loud.


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    I was talking to a buddy of mine, and he can actually put his iPod Louder in his car....when I'm in my car, I can only adjust it through the radio.

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    as said by mac 257 the settings could be locked at a low volume. this helps your ears not become deaf when you have ear plugs in

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    Problem solved...okay, firstly, my iPod volume wasn't locked, but what I did was, I took the FM transmitter off and I attached it to the tape deck connection. I was able to adjust the volume this way.

    So, it was my FM transmitter that wasn't letting me adjust the volume.

    Anybody using a good FM transmitter that allows you to adjust the volume?

    The one that I was using was the iTrip made by Greffin.

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