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    iPod Shuffle 1st Gen - Reliability?
    Hi All,

    I bought a Shuffle to use for travelling to and from work in August 06,
    It's still going strong and I only have to charge it about once every week or so.
    How are these long term with getting problems?

    My 2004 Mini had to be replaced within the first 6 months under warranty due to major battery problems.
    Battery won't charge at all anymore so I can only use it when its in my RoadTrip dock in my car - just hoping it won't go down the same track.

    It's a nice unit and didn't cost much - I love the AutoFill options. If it does die on my ill just get a new generation 1GB shuffle I think.

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    My dad still has his iPod Shuffle 1st Gen and it works great 8) its been about 2 years and still working strong! You made a good choice on an iPod

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    My 1st Gen shuffle eventually died, the USB connection got loose and my computer wouldn't recognize it. I wound up getting the 2nd Gen shuffle for $79 and I like it much more. Smaller size and the built in clip is way nicer. I also got a 10% recycling discount at the Apple store by trading in my old unit.

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