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    iPod Shuffle not recognised by iTunes on Mac or PC

    i have just received a new ipod shuffle 1GB 2nd Gen and when i first plugged it in to my Mac it wasn't recognised by iTunes, only as a 'Volume' in Finder. I could see that it was formatted as FAT-16 which i had never heard of before, only FAT-32, so i thought i would format it for Apple (MAC OS extended - Journaled), but still it wasn't recognised. I can drag and drop files onto the Shuffle as though it was a hard drive, but nothing else. I have attempted to restore it with the Ipod reset utility, but because it isn't recognised as an ipod i get a message 'Plug in Ipod to reset it' and the 'OK' button is greyed out. I get just the same behaviour when i plug the shuffle into a PC - i.e. it shows in explorer but isn't recognised in iTunes or by the iPod reset utility. the shuffle has been plugged in for a few hours, so should be fully charged. I have tried formatting to FAT-32 as well with no joy, and repairing the disk in disk utility but it says that all is fine.

    i would be grateful for any help to get my shuffle working!



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    Look on Apples software downloads page. There is a stand alone program you can grab to reset the Shuffle outside of iTunes. The iPod is supposed to be formatted as FAT-16 btw, it won't work properly with any other format but you have to let either iTunes or the above mentioned app format it properly.

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