I know, kind of a re-tread question, but with a twist. I have a Mini, a MacBook and a new AirPort Extreme router with a 750GB USB drive attached to the router as an AirDisk. I would like to free up space on my smaller MacBook HDD by moving all my music/videos (MacBook) and my wife's music/videos (Mini) to the 750GB network drive. I'm wondering if iTunes will support an iTunes Library path that is a network drive and not "attached" to the actual Mac via hardwire. I'm also thinking if I authorize both of our Applestore/iTunes accounts on both the Mini & MacBook then we should be able to access and copy both of our iTunes Store purchased items from the 750GB AirDisk on both Macs. The intent is to be able to put everything physically on to the 750GB and still be able to sync the content to our Nano, 5.5 Gen iPod Video and iPhone. I'm not worried about listening to a shared library on either Mac, just in getting the combined content of the 750GB AirDisk on to our portable devices using both the Mac and MacBook from the same combined library. Thanks!