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Thread: Replacing the batt?

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    Replacing the batt?
    Has anyone replaced the batt in their iPod? I've heard that play times last twice as long with aftermarket batteries, and read times are even sometimes quicker. I'm only afraid I'll scratch or break something, it's so shiny.

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    I've replaced the batteries in my Gen 1, Gen 2 and my wife's Gen 3. Piece of cake, takes maybe 10 min tops. It's easy even if you are only slightly mechanically inclined. You can buy after-market batteries that will give you significantly more life. The better battery sellers include tools and instructions so you don't scratch your iPod while opening it or muck things up inside once it's open.

    I recommend

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    Yea taking apart a ipod is very simple i never replaced a battery but even depending on your ipod you only really need is a tiny flat head but it semi bends the casing. I would recommend tools cheap!! to

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