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    battery going bad? Return to best buy?
    Back in September 2006 I bought a Generation 5 black iPod 30GB.
    Now, almost a year later, it seems the battery is going bad. When it is fully charged, I listen to music for about an hour and a half and the battery is near dead. Video is near to impossible to watch without having it plugged in.

    Now when I bought it I got the 2 year service plan from best buy. Does it cover the battery? Also can I bring it in to my store and have it fixed there or will I have to ship it out. And my last question is, what are the chances that they will just replace it with the ipod classic?

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    any one know?
    I don't really feel like shelling out $249 for the new classic if my battery can be covered under the service plan

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    the service plan may cover the battery. often with small devices like this, they tell you to buy the plan since buying a new battery for many things is almost as expensive as buying whatever it goes in.

    just give them a call, you bought the plan, you may as well try to use it
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