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    Managing the touch and 5.5g pod in the same itunes
    I have been pretty scathing over the lack of memory in the touch but now the dust has settled I am looking at it a little more objectively. I have been focussing on September as the time I would be updating my pod and was expecting a widescreen one with ample storage.

    I still think that 16gb is not enough but when you look at the other options assuming there is nothing else due to launch it still looks the best bet for the next year at least.

    So despite my initial disappointment I may still buy a touch and if I do I will have to change how I manage my music and video and maybe remove all the filler tracks when I sync and only upload the movies/TV shows as I need them. I would however probably keep my 5.5 g pod too which would make itunes a challenge and I'm guessing I'd have to manage either one or both of the pods manually? i.e I'd still want to load EVERYTHING onto my old pod.

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    You have 2 choices really, assuming that you library is larger than your smallest iPod:

    1) Manual Sync (turn off Auto synch) and manually upload content.

    2) Playlists. You can set iTunes to only auto sync specific playlists to specific iPods.

    I have 4 iPods connected to my Mac right now, and I use option 1 with 3 of them and option 2 with 1 of them.

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