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    Preserving DVD chapters into an iPod
    I would like to convert a home made DVD with Chapters already in it into something that can be viewed on my 5G video iPod and KEEP all the chapters as they are on the original DVD. I have the following programs at my disposal:

    1. Mac the Ripper
    2. Handbrake
    3. Popcorn
    4. Toast8

    What should I use to do this or are the programs I have not sufficient?

    I am new to mac so thanks in advance!
    I Love my Mac!!!

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    Handbrake. The current version will create the chapters within the MP4 file and they will work on the iPod.

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    All you need is handbrake. Just open it, load the dvd, and click an ipod preset. It should automatically preserve the chapters, but to make sure, click the chapters tab and see that "create chapter markers" is checked. Then just hit start and it should make an ipod file for you. Hope this helps.

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