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    New iPod Nano: freezes on disconnect / LCD askew
    Two days ago, I bought my first iPod, a new 8GB Nano - well, two, actually, one for me (silver) and one for my wife (blue - these were the only two colours available).

    The LCD on mine is mounted slightly askew, i.e. turnes slightly anticlockwise. Not enough to obscure anything, slightly less than a millimetre, but enough to annoy - after all, I paid 199 for it (why are they 38% cheaper in the USA?), I expect a properly aligned screen. Would that be enough to ask for a replacement, after I have fed it music and used it a bit?

    The other problem affects both iPods, and so I wonder if anyone else has had this happen: when disconnecting from the PC, both of them sometimes freeze, i.e. jam or crash or whatever. They do not react to the controls, and require several restarts (pressing 'menu' and the middle button after switching the lock switch to and fro) to get them to go again. But mine then promptly froze again when I went to the music list. I cleared the music files off and reloaded just a few of them, and it hasn't happend since. Is it possible that certain types of MP3 file can cause this to happen?

    The new iPod Nano is certainly a very nifty piece of kit, and looks great, too, except the backplate which is a highly polished metal which shows every fingerprint and is very difficult to clean.

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    Sorry about that man, take it to the store and tell them to replace it for you.

    Tell us what happens

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