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    What happens to all the old iPods...
    ...after the new models come out? I was walking by the display case at Walmart, and all the iPods (except the shuffles) were gone, including the display models. I'm assuming this happens at other retail outlets too? Where does all that stock of old models go?

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    I was at futureshop yesterday and all they had on their shelf are shuffles too... maybe they sold them all?

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    Some of them get sent back to Apple in exchange for new stock. They use them to fill warranty items. Some of them go to 3rd party authorized sellers.

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    And what do Apple do with them? Scrap them or sell them as "Refurbs"?

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    Curries, which is an electrical retailer here in the UK, were selling off iPod surplus stock for half price! Nabbed myself a green 4gig nano, since I'm not keen on the look of the new nanos. And the iPod classic would have been my top purchase, but 80gig is a lot of space; I barely use 4gig.

    Pleased as punch :-) although probably if I'd waited longer, they would have reduced them even more but still a good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greggles View Post
    And what do Apple do with them? Scrap them or sell them as "Refurbs"?
    I doubt they scrap them. It's more likely that they sell them to liquidators or use them as warranty replacements (as Baggss mentioned).
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    My guess is there tear them down and re-use parts for other stff. But that's me.

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    Crazy sales for employees?

    I think I agree that most go to fill warrantee claims. I'm a little bummed, I just bought a 4g Nano for my wife 2 weeks ago, now they just came out with new ones.

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