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    portable speaker recommendation
    I'm headed off to the Apple store tomorrow to purchase a 160Gb classic. To help with this, I'd also like to pick up a set of portable speakers to use it when I'm off on holiday etc, and would like recommendations from forum members. Sound quality is quite important to me, but not to the extent of forking out upwards of 200 on a set of portable speakers that will be used a couple of weeks a year. Really I'm looking at a budget of around 100 tops.

    My wish list, in order of importance is

    • Sound quality
    • Portability (to take on holiday)
    • Robustness (to take on holiday and camping trips)
    • Built-in rechargable battery (hopefully that would charge from mains when plugged in)
    • Ability to use with other devices (through a 3.5mm aux input or such like)
    • remote control

    it would be quite nice if it also had built in radio functionality (particularly DAB) but I fear this will push them outwith my budget (or mean a compromise on sound quality)

    Recommendations appreciated.

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    Affordable, sound great for the price, built-in LiIon battery that lasts ages, remote control included, 3,5mm Jack and comes with a carrying case.

    I used to sell iPod equipment at an apple retailer and imo these have the best bang for the buck.

    The Altec Lansing stuff you see everywhere is usually quite a bit pricier, uses AA's and feels flimsy IMO.

    I haven't seriously checked any out for about 10 months though, so this might have changed

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