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Thread: Artist Repetition on iPOD

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    Artist Repetition on iPOD
    Hi everyone,

    I have a video iPOD and seem to have a problem with a certain artist name being repeated. I organize my music through itunes and have all of Alan Jackson's albums in my library. The name is spelled the same throughout all of the albums and the music only shows up once in my library. Problem is once I upload the songs to my iPOD and click on "Artists" his name is listed three times. After clicking on each of the names I have all of his albums available to play. I view the song-list on my ipod when it is connected to my computer and the music is listed on the iPOD only once. It's not a big deal and isn't hurt anything but i'd like to know why this might be happening. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    If you edited the names in iTunes to make them all the same, the iPod may have recognized them as a new or or different artist. Your best bet is to take the iPod out of Auto Sync mode and remove all of the music that is repeated, then put it back into Auto Sync mode and sync it again.

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    Make sure there's no hidden space at the end of the artist. This happen to me a couple of times and it shows the artist twice on the iPod.

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    Thanks for the responses. I tried both pieces of advice and it still shows the name three times! Any other ideas?

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