Here is the deal, I can get my 5th generation (not 5.5) 30gb ipod to turn on and boot up just as it normally would this is however after charging it for several hours. It's even recognized by iTunes. The problem is the minute I try to restore my ipod or load anything on to it, it loses all charge and the ipod is no longer recognized by my computer and the ipod its self goes to a "low battery screen" that is not back lit. Once this happens I have to recharge the battery again for several hours to get it to even have enough power to be recognized by iTunes. I estimate it has about 3 minutes of battery charge unplugged. I was able to play a song and even a video on it so I know the hardware is fine, the problem seems to be it holds very little charge, even after being charged for several hours.

I have a replacement battery that I bought a few months ago. It gives me the same issues as my standard battery did so I no longer believe this is a battery issue, I think something in the firmware may be corrupter perhaps the battery meter that is somehow saying it's out of power when its really not.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is what I am currently trying:

I just drained the battery until the device turned off, so now I am going to charge it via USB (because I don't have a wall charger) until it says its fully charged, hopefully this will reset the battery meter, and I can preform a proper restore.

I hope there is nothing wrong with my logic board, but like I said I can get it to turn on for a few minutes and when its on for those few minutes it works perfectly fine. The problem seems to be it cannot hold a charge for more than a few minutes, and from what I have read this may just be an offset battery meter, so I am hoping that is the problem.