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    Upload music to iPod b4 giving it away w/o deleting when dock
    So I want to give an iPod to a friend and want to upload a few songs before I give it to her. Now I want to know, if she docks her iTune to her computer, will it wipe out the songs I uploaded? If so, is there away I can upload my songs w/o getting it deleted when she docks it to her iTunes? Thanks for your help!

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    Make the iPod to be "Manage My Music Manually"

    It should show up in the bottom on the iPod screen when you first connect the iPod to iTunes.

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    Honestly, this shouldn't even be discussed here. If you give her music you own and very likely plan to continue to own, you are violating copyright laws. According to the forum rules, such illegal activity can't be discussed here.
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    oops sorry... didn't think that far ahead about copy right issues... just want to give someone a gift.......... mods can delete this thread. thanks!

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