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    Will the $199 rebate apply to new ipods?
    (this pertains to the education discount buy a macbook get an ipod deal)

    The $199.00 rebate is still in effect til the 16th and (fingers crossed) I hope that the itouch will be available by then, does anyone know if the rebate for the Education discount will apply to new ipods? According to apple at this point it does not but they never know...

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    You can order the ipod touch now but it wont be gauranteed to ship until September 28th. The best way to check it just to try to apply it to one now and order it now.

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    I don't want to order it until I get a chance to see it in person, which I hope they will have display items before the 28th

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    The new ipods don't qualify for the discount. It's only the last generation ipods and nanos, not the new ones.

    It was the fist paragraph on the back to school FAQ.

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    yeh im pretty sure you won't be able to see one at your local apple store i went to apple yesterday and they said they wont be seen until the 28

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    dang it... oh well

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