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    Thoughts on iPod Touch
    Nice, obviously we have been waiting for this since the iPhone has announced but there a few things that mean I won't be buying it yet:

    Only 16GB - For pushing it's video abilities in the press, it can't store many, I currently have 50GB of video on my Archos so it would be stepping down really

    No Stereo Bluetooth support - I have A2DP headphones for my mobile phone which I used to listen to music with and they are fantastic, having wireless headphones is just so great that I can't go back, Apple should be leading the industry here

    The price - Obviously the technology is expensive but 200 for 8GB touch and 230 for 160GB Classic... ouch thats 30 more for 20 times the capacity.

    Hope they improve on these points for further generations, the thing looks sweet

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    The Touch is an expensive 1st Gen product, like the iPhone is, and the price is only going to drop - or more likely remain the same - as the capacity goes up. Early adopters can have a ball with it, but if I were buying one I'd leave it til next summer when the 1st revision comes out.

    People are freaking over the iPhone price drop - the Touch will go through a similar process, I suspect.
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    I jumped at the chance to buy one of the 16 GB touch's yesterday after the media event since I lost my 30Gb ipod video earlier this year...and I am expecting the price to drop eventually and/or more features to be added. While the iphone is not yet available in canada I haven't been all that interested in it since I must have a separate cell phone for business purposes.

    My only real concern right now is whether it will be compatible with my desktop speaker unit (Altec Lansing iM3) & car charger that I used with my ipod minis & ipod video. From what the online apple store is showing only a couple of speaker units to be compatible with the ipod touch. Now my previous ipod video wasn't offically compatible with the unit only because there wasn't a suitable dock adaptor but it really wasn't a problem....I just hope I will be able to do the same with the touch!

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    hmm it looks really nice but only 16gb nah id get a classic with 10x the storage and similar price.

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