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Thread: Severe lack of transfering...

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    Severe lack of transfering...
    okay, so it's far from severe. On my ipods "about" page, it says 1935 songs. However, on my itunes playlist, it says 1955. Where did those 20 songs go? (not that I'm likely to miss them, but I'm just wondering why it doesn't transfer all of dem songs)

    *all of my songs were of course downloaded legally from my CD collection.*

    oh oh! I purhcased my ipod to be used on my WinXP PC...and under the about panel, it says that the format is windows. However, it has happily been working with my Powerbook.
    Now how do I make it so it says "machintosh" under the "about" do-hicky?! (I just think that'd look cooler.)

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    If you reformat it in the Mac format it will not work on your XP PC so I wouldn't do that.

    Now to the 20 songs I can see no reason for it to show a different amount on each....Are you sure you didnt run out of room?

    I would try opening up the itunes playlist and the iPod manager in separate windows and just scroll through each to see if you see where a song is missing
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    Why is it that with it formated for win xp it works just fine with osX but not the other way around? Hrm...

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    How many gigs is your iPod. It might have run out of room if it's an iPod mini or 20 gigs or less.

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    I don't see how it could have run out of room - it's 15 gigs and it says that there are 6 gigs remaining - so I don't understand how that would work out

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    Check the preferences dialogue for your ipod to see if the "sync checked songs only" button is marked.

    If it is, and you have songs in your playlist that are unchecked then they won't be synced.

    Another possibility is that the songs are encoded differently than the rest and your ipod can't read them..

    Although that would only work if you have encoded songs with apple lossless encoder and haven't updated the ipod's software to have AL playback capability.


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