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    iPhoto Events on iPod?
    I've starting using iPhoto for the first time, having just got hold of iLife 08. I love the Events feature - it's exactly what I was hoping iPhoto would give me.

    Because I'm using iPhoto I've also just synced my iPhoto library with my iPod 5G. I can see all the photos... but the lovely Events view doesn't seem to be present Given that's the only way I've organised my photos (I'm not bothering with Albums, they don't add anything for me) that means the only way to find a photo in 10,500 of them is to page through the whole library.

    Am I missing something here? Or are we waiting for a firmware update for the iPod to add Events in to the photo browsing; in which case, any clues when?

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    Same here
    Hi thermidor.

    Yeah, I've just noticed exactly the same thing with my iPod. I can't see a way to sync events to the iPod at present, which is annoying when you have a large library and no album(s).

    However, there is an up-coming Apple announcement next week (5th Sept) which looks like it may well be iPod-related... who knows, maybe this will include an update to iTunes/iPod software and better syncing of photos from iPhoto '08...


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