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    Aug 17, 2007
    success getting rid of stuck pixel!!
    hey all, i just got rid of a stuck pixel on my video ipod. cant believe it actually worked. I had this annoying green dot on the screen and i thought with an 8 mo ipod any chance of replacement with apple would be gon.

    anyway, these instructions worked to get rid of it, i seacrhed some forums to find an answer, so thought id post it here case anybody else was having similiar problems - <>

    Is basically the' push and apply some pressure method' - not exactly superior methodology but got rid of a large annoying stuck pixel which was about to make me chuck my ipod against a wall.!!!!!

    i tried using psp pixel fixer and they didnt do much for me.

    hope this helps anyone with same issue

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    Aug 17, 2007
    omfg it returned.

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    I have yet to buy anything that has a dead or stuck pixel, yet everything my brother buys has a dead or stuck pixel and he's tried everything to get rid of the stuck pixels and nothing has ever worked.
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