Sorry if that sounded a little angry, but i am angry.

So, i go to change the order of the songs on my ipod shuffle, i drag and drop all of the songs in the order i listen to them, where i want them, and get it exactly how i want it. cool. great. wonderful. warm and fuzzy inside.
Now, i connect it to my mac again and its ALL CHANGED! For whatever reason, itunes decides to change the order to album alphabetical.
uuuuuuuuugh! Ok i had 232 songs all in order from my favorite to the least favorite, and i was just getting used to it. see im not really the shuffle type (i got the ipod for free after my nano broke), and i usually want to listen to a specific couple songs, and now theyre all out of order so im like trying to find like 5 songs out of 232..........

can someone help me?