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    Iv gote the Ipod blues
    back when the first video ipod came out i decided to upgrade from my 4g ipod to a 5g ipod. I loved it but then 2 months after i got it it broke. luckely it was under warenty so i got it replaced with the name ingraving and everything. then another 2 months go by and it breaks again this time i replaced it but i didnt want to wait the extra time so i didnt get the name ingraving. Then 4 months after that one got replaced the headphone jack broke. this time i had to pay for shipping and handaling because it was after 6 months. that ipod lasted for 6 months before the headphone jack broke again. this time i was not under warrenty and so i purchased a opening tool and a headphone jack from Now once again my headphone jack has broke. I really dont want to spend another $30 on my Ipod but it looks like im going to have to.

    Has anyone else had this much troubble with their 5th gen ipod or am i just extreamly unlucky??

    sorry for the *****ing

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    Wow - what do you do to your iPod?

    I've had mine for about 4 months now and (touch wood ) I ain't had any major trouble at all - certainly nothing worth sending it back for or having it replaced - the worst I've had is that 'Do not disconnect' staying on screen and requiring a reset to resolve.

    I don't treat mine badly, but then I don't over protect it, I leave it in that little neoprene sleeve they come with and usually keep it in a satchel.

    It sounds like you've been really unlucky to me.

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    I have a hard plastic case for mine which i keep it in all the time. the only thing i can think of is that my headphone jack on my headphones might be putting stress on the ipod headphone jack. but if thats the case im really dissapointed in the quality of the ipod.

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